About Farm stay

Would you like to enjoy the time of Farm stay deeply?

You are going to stay one of the families of our members.
They are just ordinary homes so please feel just like as if you visit your relatives.

 ◎Relaxing holidays in farm with your family.
◎Hanging out with your friends or circles.
       ◎If you’re searching for your destination of migration,
          you can stay here and try to find attractions of this region.

We can accept in many styles of staying, so please enjoy your time staying at the farm villages.

Fees of farm staying


A bed room(for the guests only)
toilet, bath, kitchen etc.(basically share with the owner)

※About the rests can be different with each home so please ask the secretariat.

What to bring

Changes of clothes
Toilet things(face washing, tooth brash etc.)
Clothes and a pair of shoes for the experience of agriculture
Beverages(kind of alcohols)

※Some families have hair dryers but some not so we recommend that you bring your own one.

Matters to be attended to

・please bring alcohols by yourself
・please keep the rules of the house you stay(ex. Please don’t eat in the bedroom)
・you are going to stay at ordinary home, so please use only your bedrooms and common spaces.

Terms of payment

Cash only

Farm stay:please hand the fees to the family when you leave. Only experience of agriculture:after you finished, please hand the fees to each person in charge.

※We ask lump-sum payment to a party of tourists to the secretariat.

About the experience of agriculture

If you would like to have an experience of agriculture while you are at sightseeing.

If you have an interest in green tourism but not in staying, how about having an experience with sightseeing? Please feel free to ask us anything you want to not only about the farm stay but something to do with villages. There are many opportunities in Noxu-cho!

We comply with the requests from 1,000 yen.
Fees change by the contents of what you do in the experiences so please ask us. We hear what you would like to experience. Qualifying age is over 3.

The examples of experiences.

Plan for short-time

■experience of cooking(including lunch)

10:00 arrive → meet the person in charge
10:30 harvest vegetables in a truck farm
11:00 cook Japanese dumpling soup <lunch>
13:00 leave → sightseeing in Usuki city

■experience of agriculture

13:00 arrive → meet the person in charge
13:15 make tableware of bamboo
15:00 leave

Plan of staying and sightseeing

17:00 arrive → stay in farm for one night
Next morning
9:00 make bamboo ware (a single‐flower vase, chopsticks etc.)
11:00 leave → sightseeing in Usuki city

Those plans are just samples.
You can experience more.
Please ask the secretariat about the details.